Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day Dress part 1 (McCall 3260 pattern review)

With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner, my daughter started asking for her “St. Patty’s Day dress” early this year.  Last year, I made this dress and my daughter loved it.

 What started out as an excuse to make the emerald green dress, has morphed into a “tradition”.  I don’t have the heart to explain to her that St. Patrick’s Day dresses are not a thing.  We have a couple more years until I have to broach that subject.  Plus, I really love the kick off to spring by making fresh bright green flowing dress. 

 This year, I made both my daughter’s a St. Patty’s Day dress that they can wear and think of me on the day.  I will be traveling to Japan for work and it is my way of giving them some of my love when I am away.  Isn’t that what sewing or crafting for others is all about?

For Sydney, she really wanted a halter style dress.  She was thinking about a dress I made for her birthday last year.  Although I really liked the pattern, I wanted something with a thicker straps.  I found this pattern (McCall's 3260) in a stash that my dear crafty friend Stefanie passed down to me. 

 Although Sydney should really be more of a size 7 and this pattern went to a size 6, with a few adjustments it was easy to fix.  I added 2 inches to the hem and a half inch on the sides. 

 In reality, this design is pretty flexible, with the tied straps around the neck and the back.  In the end, I ended up taking about an inch and a half off the elastic in the back so the skirt did not droop.

There are some small darts on the front which help add shape to the bodice.

One little detail I added because I could not resist was the dark green ribbon with the a little bit of light green embroidery.  I used one of my decorative stitches from my machine stitch options.  Do you have embroidery on your machine?  I have some really pretty decorative stitches that I always forget about.  It is so nice to make a dress and not be in a hurry and add the details.

 This dress came together in a couple of hours… no button holes and no zippers… YIPPIE!  The pattern was really easy and I will be making a couple more of these dresses for summer.    

Tomorrow I will post the review on my toddler’s St. Patty’s Day dress.  It was super fun because I used a vintage pattern.  Come back and see.

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  1. A very cute pattern. The material is great for St. Patrick's day. She looks so cute and happy to have a new dress from Mom.