Thursday, September 27, 2012

Superhero Party

 When my little boy turned 6 this year, we celebrated Superhero style!  He recently became aware of Spiderman, Superman, and Batman.  Since his favorite character kept changing every week, I needed to create a collective superhero party.  A Super Hero Academy type party would allow me to use general super hero decor with a mixture of known characters, and the kids can do some "superhero training" as part of the party entertainment.

Excited to use the Cricut, I made the invitations from my Paper Dolls Dress Up cartridge.   Some research on the Provo Craft website brought me to sample invitation that was perfect. Provo Craft has changed their forum and I can no longer find the invitation that I used as my template, but if someone has the link to the original creator, please let me know.  I would love to share it.

Capes ready for the super heroes

When the kids arrived they were given a superhero cape and a mask and asked to pose in front of the "buildings" so that I could take their picture.   I was inspired to recreate the buildings found here, made from cardboard boxes, "oops" paint, and yellow and black paint chips.   The picture was included the thank you note.
Super Heroes ready to leap tall buildings

Kid friendly super hero masks
Each cape was made from blue satin and red ribbon.  Find out how I made the capes, here.  Please note, the birthday boy wore a special Nana made cape made from different satin that had an "S" appliqued on the back. 

The masks were made from craft foam bought at the Dollar Store.  My kids helped trace the shapes and cut out.  Yarn was added to each side so the mask could be tied on. This is a perfect task for little ones.  Preparing for the party is usually pretty busy, and my kids always would like to help out.
Balance Practice

In the beginning of the party, we had each kid complete a series of activities for superhero training.  The first was balance and leap practice.  The kids walked along a large fallen log jump off and then leap of a big boulder.
Balance Practice
Leaping practice

Next we had a kryptonite hunt which the kids really loved.  Like an Easter egg hunt but with a twist.  The bright green kryptonite was a bit harder for the kids to find in the lime green spring grass.  But the kids loved it and helped each other.  Each child had to find at least one piece of kryptonite, which they could take home. 
Kryptonite Hunt
 Making the kryptonite was super simple.  Gather up some rocks.  Spray paint with neon green paint and sprinkle with green glitter while the paint is wet. 

After our last task of  "flying lessons" on the trampoline, we had a simple lunch of super dogs, blue Powerade, veggies and fruit, pasta salad,  and couscous salad.

Using my Cricut Expressions and the Superman and Batman cartridges, I made many of the super hero decorations (including the Superman cape happy birthday banner)  I embellished the banner with personalization from a free alphabet printable found here.  And added some "POP" with a free super hero printable found here.  Other decorations included blue satin flags, die cut super hero garlands, spiral paper lanterns, all of which I failed to photograph.  Boo Hoo!

The cake was a fun challenge.  How do I combine a Superman and Batman in one cake?  Find out how I made the cake here.

Capes, masks, and cookie pops made up the party favors.  The cookie pops were over-sized sugar round cookies with a fondant Superman or Batman symbol attached with royal icing.  I made similar cookies for his school party but without the stick. 

 Overall, "super" fun party.  The kids had fun and did not want to leave, always a good sign.  The best indication (and most important thing) is that my son had so much fun, he requested a superhero party for his 7th birthday.

What is your favorite boy's birthday party theme?

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