Monday, November 3, 2014

"Sew-Dreamy" Button Cake

For my mom's birthday this year, I wanted to make her a special cake that captured her true passion- sewing and crafting.  The button cake was created because fondant buttons are adorable.  I have Pinterest board dedicated just to button cakes.  Check it out.  There are so many beautiful tiered cakes, but since there was only six of us, one tier would suffice.
At first I was not sure how I could create a unique button cake.  Honestly, most of the button cakes I see are designed for a "Cute as a Button" baby shower or baby birthday theme. I wanted to celebrate a seamstress, quilter, crafter, and uber creative mom.

When making the buttons, I decided I wanted bright and cheery buttons.  As a result I created a rainbow of buttons surrounded by a fluffy cloud of buttercream.  The title of the cake is a nod to my best friend who dislikes sewing puns :) 

Fondant buttons before smoothing the edges

Skipping the fondant button mold, which I would reserve for a different cake design, the buttons were actually very easy to make.  I just used the back of a large piping tip to cut the circles and a standard size piping tip to make the circular imprint.  A toothpick prick created the holes.

After covering the top of the cake with the fondant buttons, I piped buttercream along the sides of the cake and in between the buttons to create a soft cloud effect. 

The result is "Sew-Dreamy"!  Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you!
City Girl

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