Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pirouette Cookie Chocolate Cake with Strawberries

This weekend some friends and I celebrated a dear friend's birthday.  It was so nice to get out for a couple hours and to be around friends without kids under foot or even in the next room.  I really got to relax and have some uninterrupted conversation.  Over dinner, a friend mentioned how cake decorating looks really complicated.  I wanted to share the Pirouette Cookie Cake to show that a cake can be fun and decorated without a lot of fuss.

This cake was made for my son's 7th birthday for the family get together.  For the kid party, we had a Cosmic Bounce House party.  In case you missed it, check out the Cosmic Space Alien Glowing Cupcakes, another example of really easy but fun decoration.

Pirouette Cookies
My son LOVES these Pepperidge Farm Crème Filled Pirouette Rolled Wafers ever since I used them on the pirate ship cake for his 5th birthday. He actually requested another ship cake for that reason.  Instead I upped the ante and decided a cake covered in pirouettes would be the perfect solution. 

Easter Birthday Bunting Cake
This idea is a modification of the super yummy Easter Birthday Bunting Cake made by Maureen at Coconut Love.  

Kit Kat Cake
Kit Kat Ice Cream Cake by Jennifer Cooks

My dear friend, Megan, also made a cake similar to this with Kit Kat bars on the outside and M&Ms on top for her daughter's birthday.  

To make my version, start with a frosted round layer cake (although square would be fun too). To keep it extra simple, I used a boxed cake mix but homemade chocolate buttercream. I usually spend the time making homemade frosting because it tastes so yummy. Slurp!

Then swapped out the Kit Kat bars for the pirouette cookies and topped it with delicious fresh  strawberries from the stand down the road. Tie a ribbon on it and you are done!  

*Please note, I left the pirouettes long for maximum cookie consumption. My son thanked me and loved it!

**If you are not a baker or are in a time crunch, you can also spruce up a store bought cake with the same simple technique. 

Happy baking and happy making!
City Girl


  1. Where do you source the specialty color (blue) pirouette cookies?

    1. Chelsea, I found them at our local Dollar Tree. At the time, they had blue (vanilla flavor) and orange (orange flavor). I am not sure if they still have them here or not. Good luck! I would love to see a picture of your creation when you are done.

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