Thursday, June 13, 2013

Girl's Romper and Leggings Up-cycled from a Woman's Sweater

Since I have been experiencing the nesting phenomenon that happens to so many women while pregnant, I decided to clean out my closet.  Maybe not the best idea when you are far along in your pregnancy, because nothing is going to fit.   After cleaning out my closet, I took a good look everything and kept a few things I could turn into something else.  This sweater transformation for my daughter was one of those thing.  The best thing about it was that it was super easy!!!  

All you need to do is find a knit sweater.  I liked how this sweater had a design on the torso and the arms.   Then, cut the arms off the sweater.

 Next, taper in the sides. On a side note,  I would have hemmed the romper shorter but my girl loves long dresses.  Lastly,  hem around the arm holes and VOILA! New Romper.  The leggings were made from the sleeves and part of another recycled sweater to create the waistband and the crotch part of the leggings.  

Overall, this was a super easy outfit that I made out of something I was just going to donate.  The best thing is that my little girl loves how comfy it is and is able to run and play- a must for my active girl.

What is your favorite up-cycled project?