Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Child's Chef Hat tutorial

My kids have always want to help out in the kitchen when I am baking.  The chance to like the spatula or eat a couple of chocolate chips does not require coaxing, but I need help with more everyday food preparation.   To inspire their help with dinner prep, I whipped up these cute chef hats. I love result. My cutie pies feel extra official while cutting up veggies like broccoli and bell peppers that they snack on as they go. Also I notice that they do not scoff at the site of green beans if they help make them.  So make one of these hats for your little one and tell me what you think.

First of all, please excuse the wrinkled fabric in the pictures.  Like I said, these were a snap to make and was excited to share.  Any who...  You will need one circle 22" in diameter out of fabric and one out of light fusible interfacing. If you are short on interfacing or your cotton is heavier in weight, you can skip the interfacing on this step.  You just might end up with a more floppy chef hat.
 The headband should be a long rectangle.   I made mine 6"x 24" but measure your child's head and add 1 1/2 inches. One hat fit perfectly the other was a little big so I sewed in some elastic. If the band is too big you can work with it, but if it is too small, you either have to add fabric (yuck!) OR cut a new band. Cut one of matching or contrasting fabric and one of the light fusible interfacing. 
Fuse interfacing to wrong side of fabric for both the band and circle. 

Sew two basting rows around the edge of the circle and pull in to gather. 
Add embellishment on the headband. This is where the fun happens!  I embroidered the name on my son's to keep it sleek and masculine. 

Ribbon, bias tape, and embroidery was added to my daughter's hat, but you could add fabric or felt flowers, lace, ribbon.  The sky is the limit. 
 Be creative and share.  I love feedback  and I get so excited to see what everyone else is doing!

City Girl


  1. Hey I recognize that fabric!! Love the embroidered name. Super cute :)

  2. So darling and I know they look so cute in them. Great job. I need to make some to have when they cook at my house. You describe it so it looks so easy.