Thursday, March 12, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day Dress part 2 (Simplicity 6995 pattern review)

Yesterday, I revealed part one of the 2015 St Patty’s Day dresses.Today I get to share the dress I made for my youngest, Simonne.

 This pattern (Simplicity 6995) was super fun because I am sucker for anything vintage, especially fashion!!!!  

Don’t you just love the artwork on the patterns and the styling.?  Don’t get me wrong, I value the sportswear, yoga pant, knit, stretchy kid clothes, but there is something so classic about the old patterns.  They were made during a time when sewing was a way to make beautiful well-made clothes and when people dressed up in dresses and suits to go out even to the grocery store. 

Most likely, this vintage pattern came from my mom and since Simonne was born, I have been wanting to make it.  Unlike modern patterns, this pattern is one size (size 1), so I was a little nervous about the measurement. 

 As it turns out, because this dress is for a toddler, the sizing was flexible.  And if I make it again soon, I would tighten up the yoke so the dress would have more gather.  The bloomers add to the retro feel and complete the dress since it is designed to be a bit short. 
In keeping with the Saint Patrick’s Day theme, I used this white and emerald green eyelet.  Kind of retro, right?  I had to line the dress because the white was quite thin.  I did not want to risk and see through dress!!! 

So that is it- Saint Patrick’s Day dresses- 2015 and my kick off to spring!  Enjoy the warm weather California!  Don’t worry East Coast, warm weather will come.

City Girl


  1. So cute! I love the artwork on vintage patterns and this little girl pattern is gorgeous! Love the dress made up in the eyelet cotton, it looks lovely and fresh. Gorgeous!

  2. I really like this pattern. The material you picked is perfect for this type of dress. Great job as all of your work is.