Friday, February 14, 2014

A City Girl and Country Girl Valentine's Day- Part II

On day two of the City Girl and Country Girl Valentine's Day outfits, I am revealing the Country Girl dress.

Make sure you read A City Girl and Country Girl Valentine's Day- Part 1 which explains how got this great coordinating fabric and decided to make two different dresses and how I have been exploring pattern making. 

The Country Girl dress is empire waist jumper that works great layered over a shirt for the fall or winter or without for the summer.  My little one loves to wear dresses all year long, so the layering is key.  She loves that she can throw this dress on and go play outside.   Even though it is femine, it is not too long or too poofy to impede outdoor play.  She likes to keep up with her big brother!

The straps are buttoned at the top, so it is a breeze for a five year old to put on herself.  There are no tricky back zippers or buttons to fiddle with.  I love that I was able to incorporate these lovely pearly red button again. 
I had enough of the coordinating fabric to include it in the dress design.  I gave the hem line a little attention with the ribbon and the accent fabric.

Both my daughter and I are really happy how the dress turned out.  She loves to that she can wear it anywhere. I love it that she does wear it anywhere.  I love that she is climbing trees, catching lizards, and tending to chickens in this Country Girl dress. I love that she is not afraid to get dirty or play outside just because she is wearing a dress. 

Not sure if my little one will pick the Country Girl dress or the City Girl frock for Valentine's Day, but I will be sure to let you know.

Please let me know if you child has a favorite piece of clothing or outfit?

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