Wednesday, February 26, 2014

High Chair Makeover

In the era of disposable plastic land, I am proud to say our Peg Perego high chair has survived 3 kids (two of my kids and my best friend's youngest).  Now that my third child has moved up to solids, we pulled out the tired chair.  Instead of buying a new high chair- hello landfill and good bye $200- I decided to revive it with a new cover.

As you can see, after much wear and cleaning, the cover was cracked and the vinyl was brittle. I looked up buying a cover replacements, but they were still about $50.  Making one was an option especially because I can customize the look I wanted.  My requirement was something wipe-able and neutral.  I picked up this great faux leather from Triad, a local home decorator fabric store.  It has a brozne look with a slight shimmer.  I know it isn't traditional for a high chair, but this is the last time I will be using it so I just went for it.  

My first step was to come up with a pattern.  I traced the old cover to create a template.  I tried to creatively cut out the pieces and used the fold.  The more pieces would mean more seams and more chances of crumbs and baby food goo to get stuck.  I also eliminated some of the holes at the back for the five point harness.  The faux leather was surprisingly easy to cut out with good sharp fabric sheers. Sewing was a breeze with a heaving duty needle.  

Additionally, this vinyl has a very helpful flannel backing which prevented the slipping of the layers.  I also held the pieces together with clamps instead of pins to avoid unnecessary holes in the fabric.  For the strap holes, I zig-zaged along the openings like giant button holes.  And I was done!!!


Overall, this was a super easy redo with a big impact.  It took about 90 minutes from start to finish, but this is something that the baby uses three times a day.  It is so nice to have a fresh start.  
Happy Baby!

If you are on your second or third baby or if you received a hand- me- down high chair that needs some loving, consider a new cover.  It will feel as good as new.  For me it helped save my sanity when I strive to keep things clean in house of three kids. 


  1. I love it..... cleans easy, looks great!

  2. Great job! I hope Chase didn't do too much damage to it :)