Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Peacock Felt Mask

One of my favorite parts of my daughter's halloween peacock costume was the peacock mask. It is probably because of the sequence- the more razzle dazzle the better in my book! 
Initially, I did not intend to include a mask but my daughter insisted that she needed a beak.  The best way to add a beak so she did not look like a duck was to attach it to a mask.  I searched online for a peacock mask to purchase, but I could really only find two extremes- beautiful but pricey mascarade ball-type masks and the kid craft paper masks. I really wanted something more elegant and durable than paper but there was no way I was dropping 50 bones on mask for my child's Halloween costume. Making one was in the budget though!  All the materials could not have cost more that $1.50 and that is generous.  I had all the thread, sequins, and felt in my stash.  
My inspiration started with finding a great Mardi Gras mask template. (I would love to share the link to the template but it is no longer posted).  My kid love to participate in crafting, so I just printed a couple extra templates.  The kids colored their own masks while I made the mask.  Bonus!!!
Teal layers and mask template

Here is the skinny on how simple this mask can be. 
Cut two layers of the template in turquoise felt. I love felt especially for masks because it is soft on the face and it is easy to work with because it doesn't fray. Also, I used crafting felt, sold in rectangles, not by the yard. It is very inexpensive, like .25 a sheet, and comes in a variety of colors. 
Three layers
Next, a sturdy but flexible interfacing was needed.  I bet you will never guess... Ok, many of you crafting foooools probably have used this trick before, but it was new to me.  I used cardboard from a cereal box!   The weight is similar to thin chip board and worked perfectly.
Sparkle up that mask
Before I attached the layers, I did my embellishing on the first felt layer.   The stripes in the royal blue felt were cut then sewed along with sequins.  I accented with some teal and gold sequins around and by the eyes.  Once the bling was complete, I attached the beak, which was just a rough triangle with a rounded edge cut out of brown felt.  I sewed along the middle fold to give the beak some structure.  Lastly, I added some elastic and slip stitched all three layers together. 
Peacock Mask

Voila! A Peacock Mask is born.  I really love the result and it held up perfectly through out all the Halloween festivities.  And these masks do not have to be reserved for Halloween. Since Mardi Gras is approaching I thought it would be fun to share a  easy mask that can be made for an adult or child.  So get out that sequins and felt and craft away!!!  Feathers would be a great addition.

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