Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Peacock Costume and Knight Costume- Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013
 I know it is a couple days away from Thanksgiving, but since I did not get this post done before Halloween this year, I gave myself until Thanksgiving to write about the kids Halloween costumes.  True to my procrastinating self, I going to squeak in my my deadline. Actually, I am really excited to share the costumes I made for my little ones. I love sewing costumes- the more theatrical the better. So I always keep my fingers crossed on what the request will be this year. When it comes to Halloween costumes, I am the genie- "your wish is my command." 

 My son wished for a knight costume.  Actually, he picked out the pattern Simplicity 5520.  (Note, when you are at the fabric store and you are tired of asking your kids to please stop running up and down aisles, direct them to the bank of patterns and tell them to pick out their top two Halloween costumes... works every time) Soon I will be posting a pattern review.

  By the end of Halloween night he was insisting that he was a viking instead. When I asked him why he decided he was a viking, his response was, "Knights are boring and they stand around the castle and fight for the king and princesses.  Vikings are more fun because they fight dragons and fight for food."  That one made me laugh.  Can't argue with that logic!  He certainly had a ton of fun scavenging for food candy in that getup. 

My daughter's wish was to be be a peacock. We have the very special honor to have a couple male peacocks visit us in the summer and roost in our trees.

 She was also inspired by a peacock tutu I made for a friend for her most fabulous peacock themed bridal shower.  It was her idea to have her tutu just in the back.

 She wanted it big and fluffy just like a "real" peacock. 

The fan of the peacock was a bit large but the impact was huge.  If she was allowed to wear her costume to school, I would have definitely used shorter feathers and mad a more compact fan. But for the Halloween Party that we went to, the easy attachment and removal worked out perfectly.  

Lastly, she was insistent that a beak was included in ensemble. So I explored making a mask for her costume.  The felt mask is my favorite part of the costume. Here is the tutorial.  She had so much fun in her costume and felt especially proud of it since she helped me design it.

So I am curious, do you buy, rent, or make your halloween costumes?  And what is your most memorable Halloween costume and why? I always love to see your comments!

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