Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Director's Chairs- Second Life

The Pair- AFTER

There is something inspiring about a good find.  Whether it be a garage sale, thrift store, or flea market, giving something a new life always gets my blood flowing.  It usually happens on an early weekend morning. I happen along a yard sale and suddenly I can envision someone's trash as my treasure (or at least latest project).

When I found the Director's Chairs, I knew the project was manageable.  With  a little paint and new fabric, Voila! New Chairs!

Many of you might be wondering what is so wonderful about Director's Chairs??  The main benefit besides being surprisingly comfortable is that they fold up.  I will use these chairs for parties when we need some extra outdoor seating.  When they are not in use, they will be tucked into the garage, preserving the paint and fabric.

What I needed to tackle this project:
The Pair- BEFORE
- Director's Chair
- sand paper
- spray paint
- clear coat gloss
- outdoor canvas fabric

I had some outdoor fabric that I had picked up on clearance a while ago, so I based my color scheme off that swatch.

First, I removed the back and seat of the chair and sanded the frame.  Washed and dried the frame.  Next I spray painted the chairs with the aqua spray paint with several coats over two days.  The natural chair was easy but the orange chair was a bit trickier due to the bright color.   When aqua was complete, I sprayed a couple coats of clear coat gloss to help protect the paint from scuffing.

The chair seat and back were easy to replicate because I had the old back and seat and used those as a pattern and I had the wooden dowels that are sewn into the seams of the seat. I highly recommend saving and using the old seat and back.  It was a real time saver! Since I used a print, I doubled the fabric, so the print shows on the back as well.  Place the new back and seat on.  Sit and enjoy!

Happy Creating,

DIY Vintage Chic


  1. Hi Stacey! I found your blog. Love the chair project! - Erin

  2. So cute! Love the colors you used!