Monday, September 17, 2012

Bias Cut Ruffle Skirt

 I love ruffles and sewing projects that are easy! That is why I was so excited about finding ruffle material at Hobby Lobby last week.  Luckily, my best friend visited weekend.
Recently, she was bitten by the sewing bug and has been soaking up sewing how-to knowledge like a sponge.  She was happy to help me brainstorm.

  The criteria was simple, Keep It Simple.  After playing with fabric for a while we decided on a bias cut A- line skirt would be chic, flattering, and something I could complete in an afternoon while the kids played outside.  An A-line skirt on the bias of stretchy fabric couldn't be easier.  

 Simply fold the fabric over so you have your cut sides together with selvage edges on opposite sides.   Next measure your waist and mark measurement on the cut side but diagonally. Note: if you are using a stretchy knit or ruffle material, you might want to cut the waist a bit smaller. 

Then measure the desired length.  I was not going hem my skirt because of the ruffle fabric and because it is a type of knit but if you are going hem make sure you allow for the hem.  Place the desired length perpendicular to the waist measurement down the center of the skirt.

Next decide how drastic you would like the A-line.  My A- line was limited by the width of the the fabric.  Fold in half with the center of your skirt as the fold line and cut.

Now you have your skirt front and your skirt back.   Because this fabric is a bit transparent between the ruffles AND I don't own a slip AND I needed a waistband, I needed to include a lining.  Cut the lining the same way but include 3 inches extra length, measure from the waist up.

Sew the lining, right sides together.  Sew the skirt right sides together.  Turn the skirt out  and place the skirt inside the lining with right sides together and sew .  Turn the skirt out again now the lining inside.  Raise the lining up so is about 1 1/2 above the top of the skirt.  If you are using elastic in the waistband, place in waistband casing now and stitch in the ditch.  If not (I did not use elastic, I just made the lining a bit smaller than the skirt in the waist)  just pin the casing and stitch in the ditch.  I had to modify this, USE Elastic.  After a wearing for a couple hours, you really need an elastic waistband to keep the heavy ruffle fabric up. You can also top stitch on the top fold of the waistband if it is too stretchy.

Lastly, I serged the hem for the lining about 1 inch shorter than the ruffle material and left the ruffle fabric raw.  AND, YES it is that easy!!!

I am so excited because I have enough material left over to make a ruffle tank top to wear with jeans and some ruffle leggings for my daughter.  I will keep you posted.

Wondering if you have used ruffle fabric?  If so, what creations have you made?

Happy Creating,

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