Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ombre Mini Tiered Cake

Happy Birthday to me!  Yes, I made myself a birthday cake, but it isn't as sad as it sounds.  I enjoy the process of making cakes.  It is delicious art!   It was a birthday treat to be able to experiment without the pressure.

One minute on Pinterest and you can't help find yourself in a sea of ombre inspired fashion, decorations, and desserts.  I decided to give it a try with purple ombre inside and matching purple ombre ruffle frosting outside.  Please note: This was my first time trying the ombre and it was MY birthday SO the frosting is not perfect.  I even ran out of frosting at the end, hehe.  Please forgive the imperfections.  Thought it would be helpful for beginners to know what worked and what did not.

Making the vanilla cake lavender to deep purple was pretty easy.  You just add the dye gradually to the cake batter, scooping some batter out into the cake pan for each layer.  The only thing that was a bit unpleasant was the cake and the frosting were a bit bitter at the bottom layer where the color is most intense and the most food coloring was added.

Overall, I would do it again if I could figure out a way around the bitterness issue.  I would love to make a large tiered ombre cake, but having many little tiered cakes would be so cute for a girl's birthday or a wedding shower.


  1. Awesome! One of my top picks for my birthday is experimenting with my own dessert! Yours looks beautiful and delicious!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  2. Love how you made the inside ombre too!