Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ruffle Dress

The RUFFLE DRESS!!!  I am going to go a little crazy with pictures in this post mainly because I love my little Sydney and how beautiful and sparkly her spirit is.  
Although this project is about 2 years old, I wanted to share.  My daughter has played dress up in this dress for hours and it even was worn as an Easter dress one year.

  This project started out because I was pumped on buying my first serger.  I was playing with my new ruffle foot and I thought I should probably make something with all those ruffles that I was having so much fun making.

Once I got started, I decided instead of making the whole dress ruffled, which could be a bit heavy considering that I was using heavy weight fabric, I was going to add a ruffled panel to the back of an A-line skirt. I just split the back of the pattern and inserted a triangular panel of ruffles.  The hardest part was insuring all the ruffles were lined up and sewn down.

 The dress was inspired by my engagement dress that I made so many years ago.

 I wanted to keep the bodice of the dress pretty simple since all the detail was in the back.  

For the straps I incorporated the ruffles, which swirled into rosettes in the back.  Then I added a rosette in the front waist band to add some interest in the front.

The result was a twirly fun dress that was super fun to make but even more rewarding to see my little one enjoy.

My Love!!!
City Girl

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  1. Such a gorgeous job. Your amazing dear daughter of mine. Sydney looks beautiful. I can't believe that was two years ago.