Saturday, October 10, 2015

Animal cupcakes

Catching up on some my fun creations, I realized I did not have a chance to share the super cute animal cakes and the strawberry parfaits from last year.  I try to keep it simple for first birthday parties, but I always love to have celebratory dessert.  Although my daughter had her own smash cake, her first experience with real sweets.

I have been waiting for an excuse to make these animal cakes.  My sister in law gifted me this Hungry Animals Cake and Ice Cream Pan from Nordic Ware for my birthday awhile back. 

 I thought the older kids would love enjoy these fun animal cakes that have a special for a scoop for ice cream- right in the mouth.

 Warning: the cakes are bigger than they appear.  I would say that one of these equals 2 good size cupcakes, so I had to proportion wisely.  Also, the longest part of the job is mixing the frosting and getting just the right colors.  It was a very warm night inn kitchen when icing these little cakes, which is why the frosting came out a bit melty.

Next, I picked up these cute parfait cups that I had to try out.  I carefully tried to fill the containers with beautiful layers of yellow cake, whipped cream, and strawberries.  It was a messy experience, but the end result was perfect for the adults at the party- self contained treats in a reasonable size!

This year we are heading to the zoo for Simonne’s second birthday.  I might have to make these animal cakes again for our special celebration!


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