Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Elsa's FROZEN Castle Cake

After attending one of the best Frozen parties ever, my daughter begged for a Frozen castle cake for her birthday.  

Wilton Castle Cake Set

I was more than happy to oblige her request especially when my friend loaned me the Wilton 301-910 Romantic Castle Cake Set (affiliate link).

My spin of a frozen castle cake was to cover everything in icy silver and white sprinkles.  

Unfortunately, when taking cake out of the fridge, the cake started to come apart and slide. If I was going to make the castle cake again, I would not assemble ahead of time. But, the good thing about this cake, was you can just add more sprinkles!
 The large round base of the cake was split and filled, frosted, then doused in sprinkles.  


The towers were accented with royal icing and white sprinkles and pearlized Sixlets. The plastic turrets were covered in fondant and rolled in silver sprinkles topped with another pearlized Sixlet.  

Windows and doors were accented with more white sprinkle, white pearlized candies, and blue pearlized Sixlets.

By the time everything was assembled and Elsa found her way up top, it really did look like her frozen castle.  Mission Accomplished!

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