Monday, October 12, 2015

Glittery Mask

Need a simple Halloween costume?  This glittery mask fit the bill for me last year.  With all the costumes I was making for the kids, I kind of forgot about figuring out a costume for me.

It only took about 15 minutes to whip up, not including the overnight drying time, but it was a fun and easy and as close to instant gratification as I am going to get with costume making.   I think masks are such a fun way to dress up without having to buy or make a whole costume.  I have had my fun with felt mask making, but this fabric paint technique gives you plenty of creative possibilities (and you won't be hand sewing sequins on!)

All you need is a mask template, small piece of tulle (14”x6”), glittery fabric paint, plastic wrap, about 18-24" of ribbon.

First I sketched out the mask template.  My mask had a lot of detail, but for a more defined design, I would make the pattern more open. 

I used Tulip Animal Glitter Dimensional Fabric Paint in Snow Leopard.  I really loved how it turned out, but I was originally thinking I wanted a more intricate design.  I noticed that the glittery fabric paint came out kind of thick, so all the little details kind of ran together.  If I wanted more precise detail, I might try a different type of paint.

Next cover your template with plastic wrap.  Next place the piece of tulle over design taping the tulle and template to the table so they don’t shift while painting.

Next, apply paint.  I used one kind of paint, but it would be so neat to use more than one color to really make the design pop.
Next, let dry, at least overnight. 
Cut out mask outline template. Cut ribbon into two equal pieces.  Glue on ribbon on to the sides of the mask.  For the best fit, attach ribbon about eye level so the mask can fit snugly on to your face.

AND you are done!!!

Happy Halloween!!


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