Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bowling Birthday Party

This last spring we celebrated my son's 8th birthday. Since he is now officially 8 1/2 years old, I cannot procrastinate posting about his wonderfully fun party any longer. Spring in our house is always a very busy time with many family birthdays and holidays to prepare for and celebrate. And then before you know it summer arrives with more busy fun and birthdays. This year time seems to have escaped faster than before especially realizing my little baby is now 8, well 8 1/2.   

For Sawyer's birthday, we had a bowling party. And not just any bowling party, we had his teachers come and bowl with the kids!  During the fall, our school's PTA hosts an annual fundraising auction. I "won" a bowling date with the teachers. Sawyer was so excited that he wanted to do it for his birthday. 

The party was so fun and easy. Kids and teachers bowled and enjoyed pizza. For dessert, I whipped up these easy cupcakes inspired by the bowling theme.

The bowling ball and pin fondant toppers were surprisingly easy.

For the bowling balls I marbleized some fondant (which really is just adding food coloring in and not mixing completely).  Next, I rolled and then cut circles. I used a top to a food coloring container as my "cookie cutter" because I loved the size. Next I took the large round piping tip and cut 3 holes in one side of the ball to make the finger holes on the bowling ball. Lastly, I attached some black fondant on the back of the ball. 

For the pins, I just eye balled it- shaping the white fondant, squishing in the middle to create the neck if the pin. Next, I added some red stripes to the neck of the pin. I really liked how the came out and how simple it was to make.  

Although I made the cupcakes, you could easily purchase a dozen and just add the fondant toppers.  Or if your kids are not into cupcakes, you could adhere the bowling balls and pins on to sugar cookies.  Too cute!
These treat bags with some bowling inspired clip art on the front topped off the theme.  So easy!! Included in the bag was twisty straws, a bowling game from the dollar store, tatoos, candy, pencils and erasers.
Bowling party bags

This was one of my easiest parties but it was a HUGE hit with my son and the kids.  With winter birthdays where outdoor parties are just not an option, it is fun to have an activity for the kids to do.  I can not wait to hear about your...

Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite indoor birthday party.

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