Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wardrobe, a new life in my daughter's room

Growing up my parents collected antiques and so we always had really cool interesting (and not matching) furniture.  This is the style I gravitate to now.  It always seems odd to me that someone would go to one store and pick out a furniture set, all perfectly matching.  Personally, I love furniture that has more character, life, and memories embedded in it.  One of my favorite things to do when browsing flea markets and thrift stores is to imagine the possibilities a piece has and how I can make it new to me. 

When my parents moved, they had too much furniture for their new house.  Luckily, I was able to use a couple of pieces in my own home.

  One of the "extra" wardrobes has been used many different ways in our family and at one point it was our family's entertainment center.  It was one of the pieces I just knew I had to incorporate somewhere.  The lines of the piece are so amazing- curved and lovely.  But it was going to need more than a quick paint job.  The lower back was cut out to fit the T.V. and the doors were beautiful, but one panel was badly warped.  

My talented dad replaced the back of the wardrobe.  After toying around with the idea of fixing the doors and accenting with fabric, we decided that just removing the doors was the smarter idea especially in a 5 year old's room.
The paint I used for the body is the same color as her walls, a pale pink.  The shelves were accented with a bright pink for the shelves.

 My daughter loves how it turned out.  The extra open storage is so nice especially for all the toys, doll clothes, and hair bows- all the stuff that is usually all over the floor.  Most of the baskets I found at Home Goods help for organizing.

As much as I love the new look, I am already imagining painting it white with Annie Sloan chalk paint when I redo her room next year.  I am still toying with fixing up the doors with some vintage fabric on the panels or finding some beautiful wall paper.  Oh the possibilities are endless.

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