Friday, June 27, 2014

Thrift Store Toad Makeover

A couple weeks ago I was at my local thrift store and over heard some people making fun of this frog and teasing about who would actually buy it. I passed by and it immediately caught my eye. I giggled because I thought it was totally cool!    After the women scoffed when I asked if either of them where going buy it, I scooped it up and put it in my basket and went to the check-out grinning.  The pictures may not show it but this toad is quite large- it took up the whole basket. The large plaster amphibian had so much character, the funny smerk and warty texture,  I knew with a little TLC, it would be a great spring addition to the yard.

Thrift Store Plaster Toad
I knew I was going to paint him, but I was not sure at first what direction I wanted to take. My first thought was that bright colors might be fun, obut I did not want it to look too cartoonish.  Then, I found this great metalic spray paint from Rust-Oleum in Burnished Amber with a Forged Hammered finish.  I was really wanting an awesome copper color, but I have yet to find an easy way to paint something copper that looks copper and not fake metallic orange. 

What a difference a little spray paint can make

I scrubbed him down and dusted him off with the air compressor.  Taped off the eyes because I wanted to save that characteristic.  Next, because the plaster was fresh and new, the statue was primed with some leftover Oregano green spay paint. The Forged Hammered paint can claims it is a primer too, but this toad is very large and it is going to be hanging around outside.  Knowing that I was going to do at least 2 coats of the metallic, and good fresh base of green helped it along.

Mr. Toad all primed with green
Next, two coats of the metallic paint covered the toad.  The metallic paint was a little different to work with.  I just want to point out that it might be the type of paint, since it is hammered metallic paint, but the spray nosel on this spray can is different and the paint comes out in spurts.  I was doing small quick strokes, but it was very different than traditional spray paint.  I wonder if the spurting  helps give it the hammered finish?  I would still recommend the paint because the results were fantastic, but it just takes a bit of getting used to.

Lastly, two coats of clear helps seal the paint and from wearing to fast with weather. Then, we just need to find him a good home.

Doesn't he look great?  We put him down by the pond, and he makes a great addition to the yard.  I just love the metallic finish and that it is neutral.  Maybe next summer, I will have a bit more time and go for the bright colors and make it a bit more of whimsical.  But that is what is so fun about finding treasures at the thrift store and not spending a fortune on him.  I would love to see what treasures you find at your local thrift store or garage sale.  What did you do to give them new life?  .
Spray paint works wonders, just sayin'.

City Girl

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  1. I didn't realize how HUGE it is !! The copper looks awesome :) Those ladies at the thrift store just don't have your vision.