Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Easy 5 Ingredient Homemade Fresh Mushroom Ravioli

I am always on the look out for fresh and homemade dinner ideas. With weekdays consisting multiple trips to school, sports and after school activities, difficult nap schedule from my youngest, and don't get me started on making sure homework is completed, most weeknights I really need a fast healthy dinner.  Many nights I have cooked "fast ravioli" that I purchased from the freezer section or refrigerated section of my grocery store.  Many choices are delicious and this method is indeed fast, but with my kids growing (can I say 7 yr old boy!) I would have to buy many packages to feed the beasts kids, not exactly budget friendly.  Making ravioli from scratch offers the benefit of making large quantities, but homemade ravioli always seemed like something I would need to dedicate an afternoon to making.  Honestly, dedicating an afternoon to make dinner is just not going to happen right now regardless how delicious the result.

When browsing my grocery store's produce area, I came across these won ton wrappers, and visions of lumpia danced in my head.  I impulsively bought them, thinking I could convince my mom to make some lumpia with me over the weekend.  Then I got home and thought about it.  "What was thinking?"  Lumpia is a scrumptious treat but just a little time consuming.   Looking down at the package, I had an "ah ha" moment!  I found my secret ingredient! The won ton skins are the key short cut to making fresh ravioli even on a week night.  The rest is easy.  You can use any filling that works for you.  Sometimes that means just looking in your pantry and figuring out what you have on hand.  I had some yummy baby bella mushrooms (small portabellas) that I thought would be a good start to some mushroom ravs.  

Here is my easy-peasy reci-peasy.

5 Ingredient Mushroom Ravioli

1- 8 oz. container of slice baby bella mushrooms (or any mushrooms will do)
1- medium yellow onion
1- 8 oz block of cream cheese
 ~ 1/2 Tbsp. fresh chopped tarragon
1/2 package won ton wrappers
salt and pepper

Heat pan over medium high heat with a bit of olive oil or butter. Rough chop the mushrooms and onions. Add to pan.

Saute mushrooms and onions until mushrooms release their water and onions carmelize.  
After the carmelization, you can deglaze the pan with a yummy white wine for another layer of flavor, but I did not have an open bottle on hand, so I just used water and it turned out great.  Vegetable stock is also an option.  You just want to make sure to loosen all those yummy flavor bits that are at the bottom of the pan.
Add chopped tarragon.  Remove from heat.  

Add the mushroom mixture and cream cheese and salt and pepper to taste  to the food processor and pulse until incorporated.
Next, start your salted water boiling for the ravioli.  
Lay out the won ton skins on the counter and put a small spoonful of filling on each won ton wrapper.  Fold into the desired shape.  I just folded in half to form a triangle and added water to two of the sides to seal.  

You could also add another won ton wrapper to the top for a larger ravioli. If you have a less rich bulkier filling like meat, it would be great to make the larger shape.  Once all your raviolis have been sealed and your salted water is boiling, cook your raviolis to the water.  Boil for only 1 minute and remove to a warm bowl with sauce or butter.  Warning over cooking, which can happen quickly, will give you a mushy mushroom ravioli that is not too appetizing. 

Now just add your favorite sauce.  I kept it simple so I could really taste the ravioli.  I tossed with butter and sprinkled Parmesan cheese.  I also added a dollop of refreshing pesto to be incorporated by the eater.  My daughter surprisingly loved the pesto but my son scooted his off to the side.  Hey, at least, I tried.  But they both agreed they LOVED the ravioli. They usually refuse anything with mushrooms, I think it was a SUCCESS!
I would love to hear if you try this out or what your favorite ravioli. 

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