Monday, October 1, 2012

Superhero Cape

Recently, my son wanted a Superhero party for his birthday.  To add to the party fun and to create a homemade party favor, I made some superhero capes.  

The capes were made from a dark blue satin 18"x30" rectangle that I serged the edges with red thread.  You can always make it bigger, but we had little guys. 

A 42" piece of red ribbon was added to the 1" cased end for the tie.  Secure the ribbon in the center casing. (My mom had that job, Thanks Mom!)
Capes ready for the kids
Easy right?  An additional embellishment might be a superhero emblem or child's initial on the back of each cape.  I saved the personalized superhero cape for the birthday boy.

What is your favorite party favor?  Drop comment :)

Learn more about the Superhero Party here.

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