Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cookie Pops

When it comes to cookies, the bigger the better!  Unfortunately, a bouquet of over-sized cookies expertly decorated are beautiful but typically taste like an arts and crafts project- paste and cardboard.  I wanted to create a large themed cookie to be used for a cookie pop for parties or gifts but it needed to be tasty.   Sugar cookies are the traditional cookies to decorate for this purpose, but I only like sugar cookies if they are soft.  So I began exploring the quandary.  A cookie that is soft enough to taste yummy and freshly baked, but firm enough hold up when attached to a stick and vertically displayed.  

After testing several sugar cookie recipes, the best one I have found is the simple Sugar Cookie Cutouts from Martha Stewart.  I think it must be all the butter!  I rolled out the dough pretty thick, about a 1/2 inch and cut the rounds with a large water glass.  No special cookie cutter needed!  Using a small piece of dough on the back, I sandwiched the cookie pop stick in between.  Bake until edges are slightly golden.  

While the cookies cooled, I made the decorative fondant Superman and Batman symbols with my Cricut Cake machine and respective cartridges.  You don't need a Cricut Cake!  Find a favorite shape and cut with a knife.  I find fondant to be fun, easy, and (if made right) tasty.

Some of these cookies were made for my son's class to celebrate his birthday. The others were made into cookie pops and given out as party favors at my son's Superhero Party.

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  1. I love the idea to use a glass! I don't have much of a cookie cutter collection so I will be copying your idea :)