Monday, September 24, 2012

A treasure from the pond

This week my husband has been working hard on getting our pond cleaned out and water flowing.  He has discovered, well, it is a huge job.  In order to get the pond, which is our irrigation holding tank, functional again, he has had to drain it, scoop the muck out, and repair part of the bottom of the pond.  This is a job that unfortunately started last year, only to have it rain like crazy a week later and fill up our pond again.  When we drained our pond the first time, we moved all our fish, Bass and Blue gill, to a neighbor's pond to live a happy life.  With this week's pond drain, we found a ton of fish and a turtle!

My kid's are super excited about their new found pet.  My son has named the turtle, Tizzy Lynn.  The thing that confuses me, is where in the world did this little Red Eared Slider turtle come from?   I do not see a ton of turtles cruising up and down road looking for a pond to call home.  Regardless, little Tizzy Lynn will be ours to enjoy at least until the pond works. 

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