Friday, September 28, 2012

Superhero Cake

This year, my boy had a Superhero birthday party.  He loves all superheroes is fascinated about the different super powers.  I knew I had to make him a cake that would encompass more than one character.  After my friend sent me a couple of pictures of some amazing superhero cakes, I knew I could tackle my own version.    

A couple years ago, my mom and my kids made a superman cake for my husband's birthday from a vintage Wilton character pan.

Superman Batman Pan
Vintage Superman Batman Pan from Wilton
 My son wanted the same cake but wavered between Superman and Batman.  I decided to combine both characters into one cake.  The character cake pan was not large enough to serve all the guests, so I added a large 16" round base.  That would be my Superman layer and I could add the character pan portion on top.  

The biggest challenge for me was that I was going to cover the whole cake with fondant- even the character pan portion.  Typically I have done character cakes out from the shaped pans with butter cream and a star tip.

The Superman layer was a split and filled 16" round cake covered in blue fondant and yellow stripes on the round base.  Alternating red and yellow fondant balls for the border. Three Superman symbols embellished the sides. I used the Cricut Cake and Superman cartridge to make the Superman layered symbols.

For the Batman layer, I used the character cake pan.  In order to get the detail of the character, I pressed the fondant into the cake pan and CAREFULLY turned it out on to the cake.  I added the bat symbol to the belt and the used grey and yellow fondant balls for the border. The ball border is not only easy but also went with the whimsical theme of the cake.
Next time I would try to press a bit harder on the fondant for the character portion so the details would really POP!

For more info on the Superhero Party, look here.

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