Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our first eggs of the year

First 2 eggs- 2012

 After much chicken drama, we have finally collected our first eggs this year.  We started the season out in the spring with 22 baby chicks.  After an ambush by a band of racoons, we were down to 8 chickens.

 The thinning out of our flock with one big swoop had a couple of effects.  The first was that we now did not have to figure out what to do with our 3 roosters.  The second was that I was on a mission to protect the remaining members of the flock.  I was determined to get some EGGS!! 

Our original plan of letting the chickens out of the coop during the day to free range changed to letting them out only when were outside with them.  After much anticipation, the kids found the first gift from our chickens, 2 beautiful blue green eggs.

 When we collected these eggs from the nesting boxes, the kids and I did the "happy egg" dance.  Especially after last year's disaster of our neighbor's dogs eliminating our entire flock of 33 chickens in a single morning, my kids have been more than patient for this day!

When I serve these eggs for my family, I am so happy that I know where the food is coming from, what these chickens have been eating, and that our chickens have a good happy life (despite the natural predator trauma).  The color of the shells make it fun for the kids and the rich deep yellow of the yolk is a sign of a healthier "real" egg.  Interested in learning more about the differences in eggs, please check out this post.

As the weeks continue, we expect to see more green blue eggs from our Amerarnanas, pale brown from our Silver- Laced Wyandotte and Buff Orpington, and white from our Golden Spangled Hamburg.  It will be like having Easter eggs year round!

Once our entire flock starts producing, we should collect about 6- 8 eggs a day.  Coming up with some interesting egg recipes will be the next culinary task.  What is your favorite egg rich recipe?  Please leave me a comment so I can try them out.

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  1. Gotta love a chilled egg salad sandwich year round!