Friday, August 19, 2016

Faux Shearling Coat

Self drafting patterns is an on-going goal of mine.  I love the inspiration and convenience of existing patterns, but sometimes I just need to try to create what is floating around in my design brain.
Creating this faux shearling coat for my son was really fun.  I drafted the coat pattern with my son's request that it had to include a large hood.  WELL, the hood definitely turned out large!  It is actually quite comfy.

There is something about faux shearling that reminds me of camping.  Since that is one of my son's most favorite thing to do, the materials choice was perfect for him.  Working with faux shearling is kind of difficult mainly because it is so thick.  Next time, I would not sew right sides together.  I would overlap right side to wrong side in order to add interest at the seams and to eliminate some bulk.

I had to get creative with the buttons.  Because the material is so thick, I was hesitant about including button holes. I found these buttons that look like horns or carved bone (perfect for my little one) and attached them with some leather strapping.  In lieu of button holes, I used leather strapping as well and covered the attachment with the squares of faux shearling.

Although parts of the pattern, like the hood, could definitely be improved, the coat turned out warm and cozy!  

My love!!!

City Girl


  1. Genius that you are. I've taken on coats but not without a pattern. It looks very handsome on your handsome boy.

  2. Thanks mom. I learned from the best.