Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Harry Potter Costume Accessories

In preparation for Halloween last year, I created some props that my son could use with his Harry Potter Costume.
 Thought I would share because I LOVE props that are simple and fun to do AND can be used for many things.  Not only did my son use them on Halloween, but we also used the props for our Halloween decorations and for the Harry Potter Birthday Party.

I started off with Marauder’s Map (thank you Britta Blvd!).  Just print, cut, fold, and age using ink.  Pretty easy!  I actually made two maps- Mauraders Map #1 and Maurader's Map #2, but photographed the Britta Blvd version.  My son loved how it folds up.

Thanks to the IDEA ROOM, the books were a snap. Next, I took two old hard back books and printed off book covers from here.  Just crumple and ink edges to age before attaching to the book with glue or mod podge.

With so many fun projects to choose from, we incorporated some Wizarding World crafts while preparing for my son's Harry Potter Birthday Party.  I will be posting the details soon.


City Girl

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