Thursday, April 24, 2014

Big things are happening!!

With spring here, we have been making some big (and little) changes over here at Big Sky Ranch.  
Garden boxes

Garden boxes with dirt

Garden fence is up!
Peach and Apple trees and Aptos Blue Redwoods for the entry
First of all we have made some great progress in the garden boxes!  We have dirt in the boxes and our fence is up. Water situation is being resolved.  Garden doors are hung. This has been a long process, but a project that has been worth the wait. Can't wait for fresh garden produce.  Seeds have sprouted in the starter.  We will be planting soon.  And I will keep you posted!
Our second big but little news is that we have added some chicks to our flock. This year we have some breeds that have worked well for us in the past(Buff Orpington, Americana) and some new to us (Sicilian Buttercup and Blue Cochin)

Buff Orpington chick
Ameraucana chick
Blue Cochin and Ameraucana chick
Aren't they so cute?  These are pictures take back in March when we first got them.  They aren't fluffy anymore but are like teenagers, a little awkward.  They have their feathers learning to be out in the coop during the day.  We have segregated them away from the rest of the flock because of the roosters.    We have been lucky in the past when we integrated because our flock only had hens, but now we have 2 roosters that are not aggressive towards us but aggressive with the hens

Does anyone have experience integrating with roosters?

I love Spring!!

City Girl

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