Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ice Skating Inspired Sweater

A couple of weeks ago in the middle of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games and after much ice skating viewing,  I stopped into JoAnn's for some supplies.  My daughter spotted this icy blue knit with silver sparkles and begged me to make something for her that would look like an ice skating outfit.

We bought a couple yards and headed home.  I really wanted to make her vision come to life.   When I asked what her requirements were, she said it needed to twirl.  Why of course!!

I happily came home and pulled out the craft paper and the ruler and started drafting a pattern that had some shape but had twirl-ability.   The added bonus was some extra time to play use my new-to-me serger.

I started out with a bodice that curved at the bottom.


The back and front bodice are almost the same  except the middle of the front is extended for a little extra detail and the neckline is deeper in the front.


Next I attached the sleeves. Then I attached oblong diamond shaped tear drops that created ample flare for the twirl.

Next I added some intricate silver trim, a true ice skating outfit must!

 And Volia!  Done!  It was so fun and easy!  
I love how the points at the bottom turned out.  The bottom is super flowy. It screams, "Put on your ice skates and twirl!"  Just what my girl asked for, don't you think?

How do you think my biggest critic reacted?

She loved it!  She twirled and pretended she was ice skating.  Once the Olympics ended and ice skating was over, it became her Frozen Elsa top.  Hey, I am so so glad it fits and she wears it AND her imagination can fly!

City Girl

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