Monday, November 4, 2013

Special Weekday Breakfast- 2 Ingredient Chocolate Croissants

 Today my kids deemed me the "coolest mom in the world!"  I am happy to accept this title especially because it was so easy to earn .  I made an extra special breakfast before school which consisted of "freshly baked" chocolate croissants, hard boiled eggs, and strawberries.  The latter 2 items are breakfast staples in our house, but the warm chocolate croissants are what won them over.
We had a little time before running off to school so I could put something in the oven.  Our longer breakfasts like dutch babies, pancakes, omelets, waffles, etc are usually saved for the weekends.

Are you ready for the secret ingredients?  Well, they are my Grocery Outlet finds- Philadelphia Cream Cheese Milk Chocolate Snack Delights and ready to bake Immaculate Baker Crescent Rolls.  These are things I would not normally buy, but that is the beauty of Grocery Outlet, sometimes you find treasures.

It couldn't be easier.  Just pop open the cresent rolls and spread the chocolate cream cheese and roll them up.  Bake according to package directions.  I did pinch the sides a little to prevent the cream cheese from oozing out.  Super easy, super fast and I can give a testimonial that it can be done with one hand while holding a 4 month old in the other.

The result is a warm roll with a chocolaty cream cheese filling that my kids liked.  They thought it was fantastic that they got chocolate in the morning!!!!  What is your favorite breakfast treat?

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