Monday, March 3, 2014

Cosmic Space Alien Glowing Cupcakes

If you do not already know, I love home birthday parties. I love all the crafting, cooking decorating, and baking that goes into creating a special celebration for one of my little ones.

BUT last year since I was expecting our 3rd kiddo, I had to be realistic and knew that I did not have it in me to host a home based event.  For my son's 7th birthday we decided on a glow in the dark cosmic bounce house party. Bounce U really took care of everything, but I had to add a special touch.   Cupcakes were the ticket! At first my son requested glow in the dark cupcakes. Whaaaat?

Glow in the Dark Cupcakes by Foodsnots
  I was pumped when I found this glow in the dark gelatin dip technique this from Foodsnots.  Aren't these cupcakes so cool.  What little boy would not want glow in the dark cupcakes!  Awesome!  But as I read about the technique that involves creating a gelatin solution with tonic water and dipping the frosted cupcake, the technique revealed that I needed a black light for the glow in the dark to work.  Since the party room was not going to have dark and have black lights, I had to think of something else.  I am definitely keeping this technique in my back pocket. A couple of my girlfriends throw some wicked halloween parties, and this would be perfect.

After thumbing through many cupcake cookbooks, I found some adorable cosmic space alien confections from Hello, Cupcake!: Irresistibly Playful Creations Anyone Can Make  
 (affiliate link).  
I love this book!  There so many great options to create cute cupcakes that do not require special cake decorating equipment.  Do not even get me started on adorable puppy cupcakes featured on the cover.   After Sawyer saw these cupcakes and he found out there was a marshmallow and a doughnut hole on top of a cupcake and it was all dipped in a layer of frosting, there was no turning back.  

Overall, these cupcakes were so easy to make with the exception for finding the decorating ingredients that make this design so easy.  After much search and not enough time to order online,  the chocolate covered sunflower seeds were substituted for black fondant eyes and thin black licorice strands were swapped for cut black licorice for the antennae.  Even with the changes, these were simple and easy.

The key to making theses aliens a success is the neon green food coloring on the frosting dip. It truly felt like the space creatures were glowing.

I had to include some fun pictures from the party.

The Big Slide

The Ball Blaster

Totally Cosmic, Dude!!

Glow in the Dark fun

Happy 7th Birthday Sawyer!
Now, I am off to plan his 8th birthday party in April.  I am still debating on a home party or an event somewhere else.  What do you think?  What was your favorite birthday party memory? 
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